Cynhelir cyfarfod misol yng nghlwb Mountain Rangers Rhosgadfan. Manylion pellach oddiwrth Elwyn Jones.
The Group holds a monthly meeting at Mountain Rangers Football Club in Rhostryfan. For further details contact Elwyn Jones: Tel. 01286 830856 07840 910460 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Daler sylw cynhelir y cyfarfodydd uchod ar yr ail nos fercher o bob mis o fis Medi tan fis Mai yng nghlwb Mountain Rangers Rhosgadfan am 7.45 y h

Please note all the above meetings are held at the Mountain Rangers Club Rhosgadfan every 2nd Wednesday of every month from September to May and start at approx 7.30pm.

Bydd y raffl a brechdannau arferol ym mhob cyfarfod

There will be the usual raffle and sandwiches at every meeting.