Palmerston at Tryfan Junction in the 1920s (Photo: P Johnson collection)

Tryfan Junction was the junction with the former main line up to the Bryngwyn Quarries, and whilst it was a junction with signal box it also had a small station and station building. When the railway reopened however, the station building here was nothing more than a rather dilapidated shell in overgrown surroundings.

tryfjc 0299
 A rather forlorn Tryfan Junction in 1999.
(Photo Ben Fisher)

 However since reopening the station building has been fully restored to its former glory and the station reopened as a halt. Tryfan Junction Halt has now found itself with a new lease of life as it is used as the start of a trail that goes up to Rhostryfan along the old trackbed to the Bryngwyn Quarries line.

The station building was restored under the guidance of the Welsh Highland Heritage Group and it is still in their care for its upkeep.

20130324 sm 1
Tryfan Junction Halt in March 2013 (Photo: Stuart McNair)