Rhyd Ddu is a large station midway along the line between Caernarfon to Porthmadog. Opening in August 2003 it served as the terminus for a number of years whist funding was being sought, and whilst the subsequent construction took place, for the remainder of the line to Porthmadog.



 DSCN5131 med
Rhyd Ddu Station showing the various flower beds in the island platform. (Photo: David Tidy)
DSCN5137 small
One of the flower beds planted to withstand the conditions at Rhyd Ddu.
(Photo: David Tidy)

The station has one large island platform with a station building that serves as a waiting shelter and the control office. There are a number of flower beds within the island platform as well as one on the approach from the car park to the station.

This station is currently in the care of Graham Cartland Glover who was the co-ordinator of the previous Joint Landscaping Group.