Details of Society Activities

The Society as a supporter of the railway is involved in its operation and welfare in many ways. One of those is through the physical help it gives. The Volunteering pages gives details of the help given in the day to day running of the railway, however much more goes on behind the scenes than at first meets the eye.

The most significant proportion of this work is in the Society sponsored projects around the railway. These range for the more obvious things such as the restoration of the locomotives as is the case with the restoration of NG15 No134 together with upkeep and maintenance on the K1, the worlds first Garratt locomotive, through to the less glamorous tasks such as the construction of station signs and other furniture.

As with all these projects they rely on effort and the skills of the volunteers. If there's something there that interests you or that you think you could have some skills that would be of benefit to the group concerned please get in touch - details are given in the various Project or Group sections. Remember it's not all physical work or work that requires you to be at the railway all the time as there are people working on parts of a project as homework tasks or helping out with fundraising or, like your webmasters here, by providing help from the comfort of their (computer) chairs.

If you have any news or information that you'd like to share with other Society members and with the wider world then please let us know and we'll publish it in the relevant section here.

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