Rolling stock for the new Welsh Highland

K1 - the World's first Garratt locomotive - now in regular service
NGG16 Class Beyer-Garratts (nos. 138, 143, 140, 87, 109 ) - three in use so far, more on the way
NG15 Class 2-8-2 Locos (nos. 133, 134) - one in store for the future, one under overhaul
Prince - a regular visitor
Mountaineer - used in 1997 and 2000-1
Blanche - used in 1999
Lyd - L&B replica, completed 2010
Diesel Locos - Funkey, Planets, Simplex and Kerr Stuart
Special Events, Visiting Locos
Modern Carriages
Heritage Carriages
Goods Wagons
Construction Stock

Monarch - a might-have-been, now sold

Llanfair & other museum stock
  Parry People Movers - Railcar trials in 1998-9

Desktop Trains - Railway 32 screensaver graphics, as used above

Train Sim Downloads - WHR stock for MS Train Simulator

Double-headed special, May 1999 Gala

See also: Locos and rolling stock of the WHR Ltd - as seen at the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway in Porthmadog.

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Authored by Ben Fisher; last updated September 12th, 2011 by David Tidy