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Details of progress with rebuilding work from Waunfawr to Rhyd Ddu (and allied developments) in 2002 are laid out in context on the Phase 3 pages.

  • February 2002 - Undergrowth clearance was started between Rhostryfan and Bryngwyn on the trackbed of the Bryngwyn Branch, in connection with the plan for a footpath and cycle path along the route of the former branch.

  • March 1st 2002 - Beyer-Garratt no. 138 was named Mileniwm/Millennium by the Mayor of the Royal Town of Caernarfon - see this picture report at the Ffestiniog Railway site.

  • April 9th 2002 - The first of the two new semi-open carriages built by Alan Keef Ltd, no. 2021, was delivered to Dinas.

  • May 22nd 2002 - It was announced that the remaining Phase 3 contract (Contract 3C) had been let to Jones Bros. of Ruthin.

  • June 23rd 2002 - Members of the Devon-based Crash Gearbox Classic Car Club and the North Wales Classic Car Club exhibited their vehicles at Dinas.

  • July 28th 2002 - It was officially announced that Monarch was to be sold back to the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway, and would thus not be overhauled and regauged for future use on the WHR.

  • July 27th 2002 - New carriage no. 2022 was delivered to Dinas.

  • August 24th 2002 - Replica NWNGR Ashbury carriage no. 24 was delivered to Dinas. It entered service the following day.

  • August 15th 2002 - The new boiler for Garratt K1 was delivered to Boston Lodge Works.

  • September 19th 2002 - The remainder of the new rails needed to complete the railway to Rhyd Ddu were delivered from South Africa.

  • September 15th 2002 - The new boiler for Garratt K1 had a successful first steam test at Boston Lodge Works.

  • September 14-15th 2002 - WHR (Caernarfon) held a popular and well-received Superpower Weekend.

  • November 2nd 2002 - The newly built boiler for Lynton & Barnstaple replica loco Lyd was delivered to the Ffestiniog Railway.

Authored by Ben Fisher; last modified June 18th, 2002