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Rhyd Ddu - Beddgelert
 Harbour Station works  Caernarfon Station development

This section was built under Phase 4 of the railway's rebuilding and in 2009 was the first section of this phase to be opened. The construction details can be found using the link below:

Phase 4 - Rhyd Ddu to Porthmadog - 2005 to 2010

On the weekend of the 17th October 2010 the Rest of the World gang were working at Meillionen in the Beddgelert Forest. This was towards Tyn y Coed where tree trimming took place. 87 appeared on the scene at one point and so we'll show the photographs here due the unusual nature of the location.

Lineside clearance near Tyn y Coed. - Simon MelhuishLineside clearance near Tyn y Coed - going.... - Simon MelhuishLineside clearance near Tyn y Coed- going.... - Simon MelhuishLineside clearance near Tyn y Coed - gone. - Simon Melhuish 

87 near Tyn y Coed. - Simon Melhuish87 near Tyn y Coed. - Simon Melhuish87 near Tyn y Coed. - Simon Melhuish87 near Tyn y Coed. - Simon Melhuish 

22nd Febuary 2011

The Tuesday Gang spent the day in Beddgelert where they modified the gate leading from the car park to Beddgelert station. This was then and re-hung  from its wooden post onto the old slate gateposts.They also moved the 'To the trains' sign to the protective fencing recently-erected by Gelli and fitted four small reflective panels to this. The photographs below from Steve Broomfield show the results of the work.

The newly re-hung gate out of beddgelert car park. (Photo: Steve Broomfield)The new fencing with signs moved onto it. (Photo: Steve Broomfield)

Pont Cae'r Gors - 8th March 2011

Since the opening from Rhyd Ddu to Beddgelert the area from Pitt's Head to Pont Cae'r Gors has been a cause for concern due to it being a fire risk in dry weather. This has involved various contingencies at various times such as having a lookout on duty, water buckets along the lineside, having a 'water train' ready in the sidings at Rhyd Ddu as well as stringent controls measures practiced by loco crews. 

The main problem has been the dead and dried marsh grass (Malinia) along the lineside and so the winter closed period has seen extensive efforts to remove this. The Tuesday Gang have been active in this task and on 8th March it was the culmination of three Tuesdays' of 'advanced gardening' work as Tony Baker refers to it!. With the help of Martin Duncan, the FfR Co lineside management representative, the dead material was bagging it up and carted it off to Minffordd Yard. This included what could be the world's first railed haystack as seen in the pictures below!

Bagging the dead marsh grass near the summit. (Photo: Tony Baker)Bagging the dead marsh grass near the summit. (Photo: Tony Baker)Bagging the dead marsh grass near the summit. (Photo: Tony Baker)Bagging the dead marsh grass near the summit. (Photo: Tony Baker)Bagging the dead marsh grass near the summit. (Photo: Tony Baker)Bagging the dead marsh grass near the summit. (Photo: Tony Baker)

19th April 2011

Tuesday Gang: one picture of  the day's activity and two of 'passing traffic', taken at the
Forestry Commission footpath crossing, at Tro Elain (LC41.88 = LC70B).  Pictures  by Steve Broomfield

Tro Elain footpath crossing, passing traffic - Steve BroomfieldForestry crossing work - Steve BroomfieldForestry crossing - passing traffic - Steve Broomfield
26th April 2011
The Tuesday gang spent  the day building a new crossing at LC 41.88, Tro Elain. This is adjacent to the Forest Car Park south of Cae'r Gors and serves a new bridlepath recently built by the forestry people to provide a link, lost to them when the railway was rebuilt.
Corral rails were nail gunned on to the 12 posts planted last week and a CCT grid constructed. The gates there were also altered to be self-closing.
The pictures, by Tony Baker and Steve Broomfield, show work in progress with Merddyn Emrys passing on the vintage train heading to Beddgelert:

Building Tro Elain crossing - Steve BroomfieldTuesday Gang at work on the Tro Elain Crossing. Picture by Tony BakerMerddn Emrys passes Tro Elain with a vintage train - Tony BakerThe completed crossing - Steve Broomfield
3rd May 2011
The Tuesday gang spent the first part of the day at Tro Elain where the side corral rails were fitted to the new level crossing LC 41.88. This work had been left over from the previous week when they had run out of timber.  

30th May 2011
Recent pictures of the lamp room at Beddgelert which has been restored by the West Midlands Group of the Welsh Highland Railway Society with the co-operation of the Welsh Highland Heritage Group. The original hut was supposedly used for the storage of lamp oil, but there is evidence that an extra layer of concrete was added to the floor after the railway's closure. The extra floor had a trough running end to end with a drain at one end. There is speculation that it may have been used as a slaughterhouse by a local farmer. The new hut will be used for general storage. 
The base of the former water tower is also visible in the pictures. A new tank for the tower has been provided by the Welsh Highland Heritage Group and is at Dinas awaiting installation.  
Pictures by Laurence Armstrong

Beddgelert Lamp Room - Laurence Armstrong Beddgelert Lamp Room - Laurence ArmstrongBeddgelert Lamp Room - Laurence Armstrong

4th June 2011

On the Saturday am of the North Wales Black Hand Gang's weekend, the very unpleasing curve at the end of the siding at Beddgelert was removed with the rail being stacked for later collection. The siding will be realigned so that it looks better, and with the awkward curve gone it will be of more use, especially allowing access to the soon to be installed replica water tank. This means that the pit there will be covered over to be preserved as a heritage item. Its dimensions meant that it would be of little use and it is not really necessary. The area has now been fenced off until further work can proceed.

The photos show the North Wales Track Gang assisted by a group from Imperial College removing the curve at the end of the Beddgelert Siding . They are pictured preparing to remove and carrying the very heavy sleepers that were positioned at the side of the pit.

Moving sleepers at Beddgelert - David FirthRemoving the curved part of the siding at Beddgelert - David Firth

5th July 2011

There are reports that the line is usually referred to as the Permanent Way. Dafydd Thomas of the North Wales Black Hand Gang find this a total misnomer; as there are bits of it that shift about all the time and need to corrected. Saturday therefore saw them at work on the Beddgelert side of Tro Elain where they were restoring the cant on the curve between Tro Elain and Pont Afon Cwm Du as seen in the Photos below. 

Realigning curve South of Tro Elain (Photo: Steve Broomfield)Realigning curve South of Tro Elain (Photo: Steve Broomfield)

On Sunday they moved two locations between Pont Afon Clochig and Moel Hebog crossing to correct alignment there.

12th July 2011

Tuesday Gang commenced the conversion of LC 45.72 from a gated double level crossing (accommodation crossing and bridlepath crossing) to a single ungated crossing. The name of the crossing is  changing from Cwm Cloch Uchaf to Bron Hebog  to avoid confusion with another similarly-named crossing lower down.
As this is the operational railway the crossing has to remain functional during the conversion. Five extra posts were put in so that the new signs can be added next week and the old signs taken down. On the trackside two posts were planted for advance warning of an ungated crossing,  along with speed and whistle posts. On the road approaches two posts were planted to carry signs for an ungated crossing i.e. the outline of a steam loco. At the crossing itself the single Type I sign is to be replaced by seven separate signs on two posts. Horses will in future use the main ungated crossing, so the bridlepath crossing was removed and fenced off,  the gates being returned to Dinas. 
The picture shows of one of the redundant gate posts being removed.  Report and picture by Tony Baker

Cwm Cloch Crossing conversion - Tony Baker

26th July 2011
On July 26th the Tuesday Gang completed the conversion of LC 45.72 (Bron Hebog) from gated to ungated crossing. This involved different signage at the crossing for motorists, and additional signage at the trackside to give train drivers of advance warning of an ungated crossing. Changes also had to be made to the position of  the speed and whistle signs.  Report by Tony Baker
A sub-group of the gang carried out further work on Micro-ETS preparation at both Beddgelert and Pont Croesor (i.e. supporting woodwork).

27th July 2011
The Rest of the World Gang  turned to lineside vegetation clearance at Canal Curve and Coed Mawr. They were passed by 143 (single-headed this time) and 87.   Report and photos by Simon Melhuish
Rest of the World Gang near Canal Curve - Simon Melhuish87 in action at Canal Curve - Simon Melhuish

5/6th November 2011
Over the weekend 5/6 November the North Wales / Black Hand Gang were engaged in installing kilometre marker plates and bridge marker plates between Beddgelert and Rhyd Ddu. Also the opportunity was taken, in the glorious sunshine, to clear overhanging and obtrusive vegetation. Also three wagons of loco ash were also unloaded.

22nd November 2011
Tuesday Gang South report on activities:
Dismounted the running-in board at Meillionen; attacked posts with chipping hammer and wire brush, to remove the old paint and rust. Removed the fungus-affected notice board from within the shelter. Transported both running-in board and notice board to Beddgelert. Removed flaky paint from the running-in board frame and stored the assembly in the Lamp Room, for subsequent painting 
Dismantled the notice board. The boarding was sanded, to remove the surface fungus, and stored in the Lamp Room, for subsequent finishing. It is planned to assemble a reworked frame onto the 'backing' board.  Report and pictures by Tony Baker
Running in board removed from Meillionen Halt - Tony Baker Meillionen running-in board at Beddgelert for repair - Tony Bake

13th December 2011
Tuesday Gang applied white primer to Meillionen running-in board and revarnished the noticeboard ready for refitting. Pictures by Steve Broomfield
Primer on the Meillionen running in board - Steve BroomfieldVarnishing Meillionen noticeboard - Steve Broomfield

10th January 2012
The Tuesday Gang (South) were at work:
 1) They collected the re-worked Meillionen Notice Board from Beddgelert Lamp Room,
transported it to Meillionen and re-installed it, together with Leaflet Holder.
2) They applied second coat of gloss white to Meillionen Running-In Board (in
Beddgelert Lamp Room). The first coat was done the day before, including all the
 3) They evaluated the guttering tasks at Beddgelert and elsewhere, and purchased some end pieces in preparation.
Pictures and report by Steve Broomfield
Meillionen noticeboard refurbishment - Steve BroomfieldMeillionen running-in board refurbishment- Steve Broomfield
28/29 January 2012
The North Wales / Black Hand Gang were in action over the weekend 28/29 January:
Over the whole of this weekend they were engaged in sorting out the track alignment at Afon Clochig (this location is a stream with its associated bridge -UB 45.17 between Ty'n y Coed and Bron Hebog).
On Saturday thy carried out the by now familiar exercises of cutting one inside rail beyond the most seriously affected part of the curve, moved one half to the next straight then proceeding to move up each rail up half a length to create staggered rail joints throughout the curve. These rails were then clipped back in place.
It was found that the curve had also moved out and therefore in order to be able to move it into the correct position the whole of Sunday was spent digging out ballast from the sleeper ends. This would make the task of moving the track easier for the team completing the job who would need to measure the inside half closure rail and cut it to length.   

31st January 2012

Tuesday Gang North firstly built a fence at LC 41.34, which is the Forestry Crossing at the southern end of Caer Gors cutting. The double gates on the road side of this crossing had been broken so a temporary fence was built to replace them until such time as the Forestry wish to use the access again to move out timber. Whilst this job was in progress they also delivered concrete slabs and sand to Beddgelert and Nantmor in order that  the Tuesday Gang South could construct bases on which water butts would stand. 
They then moved on to Waunfawr to plant posts for chainage markers.  
Report and picture by Tony Baker
Fence repair at Cae'r Gors - Tony Baker
Tuesday Gang South completed a number of tasks :
1) Nantmor - guttering installed, with outflow to water butt.
2) Nantmor - first coat black paint completed on supports for running-in board.
3) Beddgelert - paving slabs and sand left at ticket office, for small 'pathway'.
4) Meillionen - refurbishment of running-in board completed 
5) Rhyd Ddu - guttering, downpipes and fittings stored at station  for Rhyd Ddu and Snowdon Ranger
Report by Steve Broomfield

3rd February 2012
Tuesday Gang put in an extra day's work on account of the sunny weather
1) The guttering at Rhyd Ddu was installed
2) The Nantmor Running-In Board was cleaned and primed 
     NB - this was done at Beddgelert (without and within the Lamp Room). 
3) The guttering task at Snowdon Ranger was evaluated.
7th February 2012
 Tuesday Gang South  undertook several tasks:
1) Nantmor running-in board returned and fixed to support 'legs'
 (NB - We also fixed a small leak in the water butt tap gland).
2) Guttering at Snowdon Ranger completed.
3) Evaluation of guttering tasks at Waunfawr 
4) Condition of Plas y Nant running-in board evaluated
Report by Steve Broomfield
14th February 2012
 The Tuesday Gang continued with maintenance tasks as follows:
1) Waunfawr - Guttering added to both waiting shelters.
2) Plas y Nant - Running-in board frame stripped of loose paint, etc. for future painting.
3) Pont Cae'r Gors - East side gate closure mechanism adjusted to function.
4) Cae'r Gors (South) - Both footpath gate closure mechanisms adjusted to function.
 5) Nantmor - Gate closure mechanism completely revised to function correctly.
Report by Steve Broomfield. Pictures show completed guttering at Waunfawr and the new gates recently installed at Nantmor.

Waunfawr shelter guttering - Steve BroomfieldNew gates at Nantmor shelter

21st February 2012
Tony Baker reports:
Tuesday Gang activities on the 21st February consisted of assisting the railway's telecom staff to install a replacement cable at Beddgelert. The existing cable, which carries 2 circuits, had become noisy and preliminary investigation had found the cable to be trapped where it went under Cwm Cloch Lane in a duct. This road was tarmaced once phase 4 was completed and this activity could have contributed to the problem. It was decided to provide a new cable routed over the bridge, which carries the line over Cwm Cloch Lane,  so avoiding going under the road. Once over the bridge the cable comes down the abbutment and then follows the fence to the water tower where it joins the existing cable to the station buildings. A new junction box mounted on a wooden post was provided at the side of the water tower.
Once this activity was completed they went first to Cutting Mawr, then to Weirglodd Isaf and then to Plas y Nant, at each location knocking in posts to take chainage markers.
Steve Broomfield reports that the Tuesday Gang South laid new paving slabs by the staff entrance to the ticket office at Beddgelert.

6th March 2012
Tuesday Gang South undertook sevreral tasks:
Nantmor - A second coat of black Hammerite Smooth was applied to the running-in board supports and the spacers supporting the new guttering were stained to match the building.
Beddgelert - A broken branch, which was overhanging the fence at the bottom of Cwm Cloch, near the gateway,  was sawn through, to prevent any possibility of future damage.
Plas y Nant - The running-in board (frame and lettering) was given a coat of white primer, following the rubbing down of the framework, accomplished earlier.
Waunfawr - Using surplus plywood from Beddgelert and newly-purchased framing timber, notice boards were constructed, stained and fitted to both platform buildings
(NB - the internal dimensions of these two boards are approximately 920 x 648 mm.)
Rhyd Ddu - Theye attempted to sort out the foot crossing central timbers, but the 4 retaining bolts proved too stubborn and could not be undone (WD40 was applied, to no avail).
Rhyd Ddu to Pitts Head 'straight' - a (road-side) level crossing gate was seen to be open and the problem identified as a broken 'swing-over' latch (an earlier weld had failed).
Using some handy blue string, we tied the two gates together, as a temporary solution.

Report by Steve Broomfield

8th May 2012
Tuesday Gang reports: We spent May 8th checking for loose T bolts at Pont Croesor and Rhyd Ddu. We were confined to the section between the north and south point blades i.e. station limits in the absen not have a Track Safe Supervisor but found plenty to keep us busy. Where seized bolts were encountered they were treated to a splash of diesel to lubricate them prior to a further visit. Report by Tony Baker
15th May 2012
The Tuesday Gang started by collecting timber from Boston Lodge, which is to be used to construct platform benches. We then proceeded to Beddgelert where the benches there needed rearranging. They are heavy, 7 of us managed them but would not like to carry them far. Then to Rhyd Ddu to carry on with our maintenance of "T" bolts. This time we had all the necessary tools and were able to deal with even the most stubborn. This location is now completed. Finally back to Dinas to put the timber collected earlier into store. Heavy showers and a white covering on Snowdon, yes, it is May.
Report by Tony Baker

2nd/3rd June 2012
Over the weekend of 2/3 June the North Wales / Black Hand Gang carried out preparation work at Beddgelert station for the completion of the new siding alignment there.
A siding had previous been installed which at its furthest extremity had been aligned with the old inspection / ash pit that was still extant at Beddgelert. This siding had limited capacity and the curve leading over the pit was too tight for any WHR rolling stock to negotiate, therefore of not much use. The curve was so tight that it also looked wrong in comparison to the rest of the lay-out at Beddgelert. Also the pit could not have been used as it did not confirm with modern safety standards. The new alignment will cross the pit at an angle (running parallel to the water tower) with a reduced curvature to give the maximum usable siding length. 
Work over the weekend comprised:
    Removal of obstructions around the old pit to create a level surface.
    In-filling the pit with ash.
    Cutting back vegetation on the new alignment.
    Marking out the alignment.
    Building a supporting block wall for the creation of an access ramp by the contractor who will be carrying out a lot of the ground works.
The new water tank is likely to be installed after the main 2012 operating season.
Report by Dafydd Thomas and Andy Keene, photos by Andy Keene
Delivering the ash - Andy KeeneCarting the ash - Andy KeeneFilling the pit - Andy KeeneTask complete - Andy KeeneThe buffers will need moving too - Andy Keene

10th July 2012
Tuesday Gang South  undertook the following:

1) Micro-ETS Guard training for David Barnwell (09:35 train from Port.).
2) At Beddgelert, the 'new' ladder was installed on brackets in the
Lamp Room and the small handle was re-fitted to the South shelter door.
3) At Meillionen, an ERC was replaced (44.58) and gate bolts tightened.
4) At LC41.16 (Cae'r Gors), loose gate bolts were tightened.
5) At LC41.34, sight lines ('Down' trains) were greatly improved, by
cutting down some small trees and some general 'bushwhacking'..
6) At Nantmor halt, a hole was drilled in the floor for the 'second' shelter
gate bolt and a 'missing' nut on the entrance gate furniture was replaced.
7) At Britannia Bridge, the fencing alongside the footpath was repaired
and wire 'security' mesh was added...hopefully  to prevent future damage.
Additionally, Timetables were replenished at Meillionen and Nantmor.
 Report by Steve Broomfield 

Meanwhile Tuesday Gang were also in action:
Today we cleaned out another culvert, this time at Coed Mawr. It had become completely blocked last week and was partially cleared by Tuesday Gang South.
However as they did not have wellies and there was reportedly 8' of water they only partially cleared the blockage. We attended, with wellies and found that a large quantity of debris had washed down, mostly leaf mould, very cloggy stuff. We cleared it all out and checked all other culverts in this part of Beddgelert Forest. They were found to be ok. With this culvert blocked the water had poured down the trackbed and exited near to Coed Mawr level crossing leaving a large gap scoured out under the fence. This we filled with boulders. Before and after shots attached.
Both trains very well patronised.
After lunch we returned to our regular job of servicing T bolts. Seven loose and seized bolts were dealt with.
Report by Tony Baker
Clearing the culvert - Tony BakerThe culvert cleared - Tony Baker

15th July 2012
North Wales/Black Hand Gang were at work relaying the siding at Beddgelert. They completed the track work and installed the buffer stop on the siding at Beddgelert which will now need to be levelled with a requirement for more ballast. The pictures by Steve Broomfield show the new alignment between the water tower base and the lamp hut
Relaying the siding at Beddgelert - Steve BroomfieldRelaying the siding at Beddgelert - Steve Broomfield

2nd August 2012
The Tuesday Gang South installed a new noticeboard/map outside the reception area at the Beddgelert Forest Campsite
New noticeboard at Campsite reception - Steve BroomfieldNew noticeboard at Campsite reception - Steve Broomfield

7th August 2012
 The following were achieved by the Tuesday Gang South on 7 August 2012:
1) Minffordd (car park) - 3 posts were concreted in, for the new FfR/WHR Map Board.
2) Cwm Cloch Ganol (46.43) - 2 SR signs near the crossing were re-painted (white).
3 ) Beddgelert Station - the final gloss coat was applied to the South building door.
4) Nantmor Station (49.58) - shelter gate closed (again) ; more timetables placed.
5) Nantmor Bank (50.27) - sight lines were improved by branch trimming.
6) Hafod y Llyn NT (50.79) - sight lines were improved by tree / branch cutting.
7) Afon Nanmor (51.96-51.98) - sight lines were improved by tree / branch cutting.
8) Llyn Bach (59.40) - a temporary repair was effected to a damaged fencing top rail
Report by Steve Broomfield

7th August 2012
 The Tuesday Gang  spent the day at Beddgelert Campsite.  The first task was to deal with a dip in the upper S-bend  at 44.05. They then moved to Meillionen to mend a fence broken by a falling branch and cleared out a ditch.Report by Tony Baker  
Mending dip in track - Tony Baker

21st August 2012
Tuesday Gang South erected a new noticeboard at Beddgelert
New noticeboard at Beddgelert - Steve Broomfield
26th August 2012
Recent works at Beddgelert include completion of the buffer at the end of the realigned siding, and shuttering on the old water tank base in preparation for the proposed installation of the replica water tank after the main operating season
Completed buffer on new siding at Beddgelert - David TidyShuttering on water tank base at Beddgelert at Beddgelert - David Tidy

22/23 September 2012
Over the weekend of 22/23 September the North Wales / Black Hand Gang were engaged in track maintenance work at Beddgelert station, which involved preparing the Down loop for tamping. We were also able to level the track in about two thirds of the siding at Beddgelert using ballast that had been delivered there earlier. This now looks a lot more like the finished job. The Caernarfon end of the siding is still to have a catch point installed, followed by being aligned and levelled.  Report by Dafydd Thomas, picture by Steve Broomfield
North Wales/Black Hand Gang at Beddgelert - Steve Broomfield

6th November 2012
Tuesday Gang South report that the wooden rails at foot crossing LC45.08, Ty'n y Coed, were replaced/repaired.
Some minor 'bushwhacking' was done at the same time to improve visibility.
Repair to fences at Ty'n y Coed - Steve Broomfield
Other work on crossings included an anti-trespass 'triangle'  taken to Nantmor for a future replacement job (LC49.50), an ERC  replaced in the middle of crossing LC51.53,  some  'chicken mesh' on LC51.70  removed as it had become dangerous,   damaged anti-trespass grids at Gatws Bach, LC53.96  repaired, and  damaged fencing rails at LC54.26  replaced/repaired.

20th November 2012
Today the Tuesday Gang was at Summit cutting treating the Molina Grass, which you may remember we attacked with rakes a couple of years back. When dead it is highly flammable and caused a fire at this site. Molina Grass is an acid liking plant so a cunning plan was decided upon by the F & WHR lineside maintenance boys. The plan was to cover it with lime which, the theory goes, should restrict its growth and at the same time encourage other and sweeter grasses which don't become combustible  so readily. Ten bags of lime, which the gang had bagged up six months ago at Minffordd Yard, were taken to site by works train and craned onto the top of the cutting where they were shovelled on to the grass. The works train consisted of Criccieth Castle, the S & T dept crane and two of the East Anglian Group's recently constructed flat waggons, numbers 5002 and 5003.
Eight volunteers took part along with a couple of permanent staff. The morning was wet but after lunch the rain stopped.
Report and pictures by Tony Baker
Liming the summit cutting - Tony BakerLiming the summit cutting - Tony Baker
1st January 2013
The Tuesday Gang South fitted guttering to the booking offices at Rhyd Ddu and Beddgelert. Picture by Steve Broomfield
Guttering fitted at Rhyd Ddu - Steve Broomfield
15th January 2013
 Tuesday Gang South continued with their guttering programme by adding guttering to the station buildings at Nantmor and Meillionen. Report and pictures by Steve Broomfield.
Guttering work at Meillionen - Steve BroomfieldGuttering work at Nantmore - Steve Broomfield
11th March 2013
The replica WHR water tank provided by the Heritage Group was moved from Dinas to Beddgelert recently with a view to erecting it on the original concrete base.
Replica water tank at Beddgelert - picture by John HineReplica water tank at Beddgelert - picture by John Hine Replica water tank at Beddgelert - picture by John Hine
On Saturday 9th March the Black Hand Gang were undertaking track work at Beddgelert
Black Hand Gang at Beddgelert - John Hine
Mike Hodges and John Hine have completed the ticket office improvements at Beddgelert, a project which the West Midlands Group started in December 2012. The ceiling was finished, all the new plywood lining was varnished and carpet tiles were laid.  
Fitting out the ticket office at Beddgelert - John Hine
23/24th March 2013
Over the weekend 23/24 March the North Wales/Black Hand Gang were busy at Caernarfon and Beddgelert. 
When we arrived at Beddgelert on the Saturday we  were greeted by a winter snow scene of the platform and track bed covered in snow, with only the rails visible.
We could not do the job of packing ballast that we had been tasked with   It is not advisable to pack under sleepers with frozen ballast as the status of the track would change once the ballast thawed out. We therefore set about clearing the platform and steps of snow, quite a task if you think about the size of Beddgelert's platform. We finished off by spreading rock salt over the platform and steps.

Sunday was a somewhat better day, some of the snow had gone and the temperature had risen slightly allowing the ballast to thaw. Our efforts on the platform the previous day had paid off as it was clear and dry. The thawed ballast allowed us to continue with the job of fettling the track following the disturbances of installing the new turnout.  Report by Dafydd Thomas

Pictures by David Firth from 24th March: the third photo shows the  platform and the new planters beside the running-in board (provided by the WHR Society, as were the new points at Beddgelert and Hafod y Llyn)
Tamipng the new point at Beddgelert - David FirthTamping the new point at Beddgelert - David Firth New planters at Beddgelert - David Firth

29th March 2013
Taking advantage of the improvement in weather, Tuesday Gang South ventured to Beddgelert and completed the attachment of the remaining four benches to the platform surface, using the  previously identified strategy of studs into epoxy-filled holes. This task is now complete.  Report by Steve Broomfield

30th April 2013
The top of the old water tower base at Beddgelert has now been concreted in readiness for installing the replica tank.
Concreting top of old water tower base - Stuart McNairConcreting top of old water tower base - Stuart McNair Concreting top of old water tower base - Stuart McNairConcreting top of old water tower base - Stuart McNair
19th May 2013
The Tuesday Gang South completed the concreting of the ladder step for the crossing indicator at the Blaenau end of Beddgelert, and removed the shuttering around the step at the Caernarfon end.
Ladder step at Beddgelert - Steve Broomfield
21st May 2013
The Tuesday Gang spent the day checking the sighting at level crossings from Pont Cae'r Gors 41.16 down to LC 47.50, cutting back foliage where necessary.

3rd June 2013
The replica water tank provided by the Welsh Highland Heritage Group was positioned on the original concrete base at Beddgelert station, restoring another aspect of the original WHR scene. A water supply is being provided so that the tank will be fully functional in due course.  Pictures by Stuart McNair and Andy Keene
Replica water tank in position - Stuart McNairReplica water tank at Beddgelert - Andy Keene
13/14 July 2013
The Black Hand Gang installed a catch point in the siding at Beddgelert. The point was brought from Dinas on an early works train movement from Dinas to Beddgelert. Saturday was very hot with the gang having to take frequent breaks for drinks, while Sunday was a little cooler. The point was installed by Sunday afternoon and the siding reconnected. It still requires to be levelled and a lever frame with point rodding installed. The lever frame is being refurbished at Dinas and will be connected when more rodding rollers become available after the completion of the new signalling system at Porthmadog  The last photograph shows the running line point blade being clamped so the siding could be used.  Report and pictures by David Firth
Installing catch point in siding at Beddgelert - David FirthInstalling catch point in siding at Beddgelert - David Firth Installing catch point in siding at Beddgelert - David Firth Installing catch point in siding at Beddgelert - David Firth Installing catch point in siding at Beddgelert - David Firth
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