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Beddgelert - Pont Croesor
 Harbour Station works Caernarfon Station development

This section was built under Phase 4 of the railway's rebuilding and was opened in two stages. Beddgelert to Hafod y Llyn was opened in 2009 and thence to Pont Croesor in 2010. The construction details can be found using the link below:

Phase 4 - Rhyd Ddu to Porthmadog - 2005 to 2010

13th/14th November 2010
During the Rest of the Word Gang weekend of the 13th and 14th November 2010 a ballast retaining wall was built on the curve to the North of Cemetery Crossing. The pictures show the work in progress together with the end result. A last photograph shows Caernarfon Castle collecting the works train from the site.

The blocks used for the retaining wall. (Photo: S Melhuish)Installing the retaining wall. (Photo: S Melhuish)Installing the retaining wall. (Photo: S Melhuish)Installing the retaining wall. (Photo: S Melhuish)Installing the retaining wall. (Photo: S Melhuish) The newly completed retaining wall. (Photo: S Broomfield)The newly completed retaining wall. (Photo: S Melhuish)Castell Caernarfon and works train. (Photo: S Broomfield)

24th November 2010

Over the past two days, members of the Tuesday Gang have been installing a new foot crossing for passengers to reach the second platform (Northbound) at Pont Croesor.   
The areas at either side and in the centre will later be filled with tarmac.  Photos by Steve Broomfield:

Foot crossing at Pont Croesor - Steve BroomfieldFoot crossing at Pont Croesor - Steve Broomfield

 1st December 2010

A further picture of Pont Croesor by Steve Broomfield shows the full  length of the new platform on the left:

Pont Croesor new platform - Steve Broomfield

7th December 2010

The Tuesday Gang, depleted by the weather and various illnesses, was reduced to six and spent the day at Pont Croesor lifting and packing the north bound track in the vicinity of the new barrow crossing. This was necessary to lift the north bound track to the same level as the south bound track prior to tarmacing by the contractor.  Photo by Tony Baker.

Packing at Pont Croesor - Tony Baker

Work continued on the new barrow crossing seen in the near background of the above picture on the Tuesday Gang's visit there on the 4th January 2011. The progress made that day can be seen in the following pictures from Steve Broomfield together with the Vale of Ffestiniog trying out the new crossing as it runs round its 'training' train from Porthmadog.

Work progressing on the 'barrow' crossing at Pont Croesor. (Photo: S Broomfield)Work progressing on the 'barrow' crossing at Pont Croesor. (Photo: S Broomfield)Work progressing on the 'barrow' crossing at Pont Croesor. (Photo: S Broomfield)

The Black Hand Gang weekend of the 15th and 16th January involved attention to some dips in the track at Nantmor level crossing. On the Saturday the dip to the South of the crossing was rectified whilst the pictures below show the dip to the North receiving attention on the Sunday. This was not the most pleasant of weekend to be working outside with it being very wet and windy. This is unfortunately reflected in the quality of the photos.

Working on the track next to Nantmor level crossing. (Photo: S Broomfield)Working on the track next to Nantmor level crossing. (Photo: S Broomfield)Packing the track to remove the dip next to Nantmor level crossing. (Photo: S Broomfield)

30th January 2011
The North Wales/Black Hand Gang was re-gapping  the West rails on Nantmor 'bank'.
This means cut 5" from a rail end in the centre of the bank, Rotabroach one additional hole for a fishplate bolt, then re-gap both uphill and downhill, until the excess gap has been 'used up' (which involved moving approximately 20 rail lengths).  The East side rails remain to be done.
Gapping on Nantmor Bank - Steve Broomfield

12/13 February 2011
This weekend the Black Hand Gang were in action in the Aberglaslyn pass. Wooden sleepers were replaced by metal sleepers at Corlan next to the Glaslyn river. This will help to stop the track slipping which has been a significant problem. Photos by Andy Forsyth
As well as the north Wales track gang, a film crew was in attendance on the Sunday, filming and interviewing the track gang at work plus getting Caernarfon Castle to perform various run pasts. This will be broadcast on BBC Wales in May possibly in 2 half hour programmes.

Black Hand Gang changing sleepers in AberglaslynBlack Hand Gang changing sleepers in Aberglaslyn

16th March 2011

New display boards have been erected at all the stations and halts along the railway. The photograph from Steve Broomfield shows a new board at Pont Croesor.

One of the new display boards at Pont Croesor. (Photo: S.Broomfield)

22nd March 2011

The Tuesday Gang spent the 22nd March at Cwm Bychan where they removed vegetation from the southern portal of T4, the long tunnel into the Aberglaslyn Pass. Martin Duncan, the FR Lineside Manager, and one chainsaw coded volunteer cut the thicker growth hanging off ropes, others using hand held saws cut the smaller shrubs and others cut up the growth into small sized brash for loading into the Hudson Wagon to be taken out by works train hauled by Vale of Ffestiniog. It was a warm spring day and the 6 volunteers present had a most enjoyable day. Steve Broomfield's picture sequence below shows the removal of the vegetation and its subsequent transportation back to Minffordd. 

Removal of vegetation from T4's southern portal. (Photo: S.Broomfield)Vale of Ffestiniog was the motive power for the Tuesday Gang. (Photo: S.Broomfield)A clean and tidy southern portal of T4 following the removal of vegetation. (Photo: S.Broomfield)Transporting the removed material back to Minffordd. (Photo: S.Broomfield)The works train on Britannia Bridge. (Photo: S.Broomfield)

Meanwhile 2 other TG members attended to some small adjustments to signage at Porthmadog and then returned to Dinas to work on the relaid fuel road. One further volunteer was assisting with the completion of the platform buildings at Waenfawr.

29th March 2011

The Tuesday Gang spent this week erecting a fence between the railway and the river at "Otters Pool" Hafod y Llyn. The contractor had left this section unfenced and it is believed that fishermen are walking down the track to access the river bank. Fifteen fenceposts were driven into the fairly soft ground at ten foot spacings with the aid of what Tony Baker calls a "Donger". Stock fencing topped by two runs of single wire were then installed. The gang had a surprise visit from Linda with 4 vintage carriages, apparently empty, as far as could be seen, as well as the 2 service trains worked by 138 and 87. Contrary to the weather forecast it did not rain and ten volunteers had an enjoyable day. Two other volunteers started the installation of a manhole at gasworks siding. 

Inserting fence posts with the 'Donger'. (Photo: T.Baker)Attaching the stock fencing. (Photo: T.Baker)Attaching the stock fencing. (Photo: S.Broomfield)Attaching the stock fencing. (Photo: S.Broomfield)Linda passing the work site. (Photo: S.Broomfield)

6th April 2011

TheTuesday Gang spent 5th April on fence maintenance between Bryn y Felin and T2.   Holes were filled with wire mesh and wires tightened on the heritage style fencing in the pass. Dreary and dull weather with occasional showers. Eight volunteers were present, two of whom built two manholes at Gasworks Siding before joining the rest of the team.

14th April 2011
The Tuesday Gang spent the day working on fence maintenance in the pass. Several large holes in the fence were filled with wire netting. These occur mainly where streams go under the line.
Also the fencing at Cwm Bychan was beefed up where, believe it or not, crazy people have cut the fence right by the tunnel portals so that they can cross the line by way of an old path established when the railway was moribund. Old maps show a footpath here so common sense goes out of the window.
The pictures show repair of a large hole and some shots of trains only obtainable if  working lineside, tracksafe of course. 
Pictures by Tony Baker

Fence repair at Cwm Bychan - Tony BakerLineside view - Tony BakerLineside view - Tony BakerLineside view - Tony Baker

17/18th June 2011

This weekend's North Wales / Black Hand Gang task is replacing the points at the South end of Hafod y Llyn loop where ex-South African set is being replaced by a set of new S30 points. At the time of the first two pictures the old points had been taken out and half the new points placed in position. By the end of the first day the new ones had been inserted and the rails cut as the new points are longer. The points were rough shovel packed so that the 'main line' could be restored to running order ready for the next day's trains, albeit with a 5 mph temporary speed restriction while work continued. The gang finally withdrew in heavy rain. By the end of Saturday 18th June the loop line had been re-connected and re-aligned, and Kango tamping had started on the new point. Work will continue on 19th June. Pictures by Steve Broomfield and David Firth

Replacing the point at Hafod y Llyn - Steve BroomfieldReplacing the point at Hafod y Llyn - Steve BroomfieldChanging point at Hafod y Llyn - David FirthChanging point at Hafod y Llyn - David FirthReconnecting the loop line at Hafod y Llyn - Steve BroomfieldReconnecting the loop line at Hafod y Llyn - Steve Broomfield

21st June 2011

The Tuesday Gang returned to the site on the 21st June to repair fencing that had to be removed to allow machinery access for the renewal of the points. Steve Broomfield's pictures below show the completed point installation there. 

The completed point installation at Hafod y Llyn (Photo: Steve Broomfield)The completed point installation at Hafod y Llyn (Photo: Steve Broomfield)

16th/17th July 2011
The Black Hand Gang were in action at Hafod y Llyn on Saturday 16th July (mostly in the rain), jacking and packing the 'loop' line, which is still connected to the running line but the new points are locked with no lever attached. The first picture shows Castell Caernarfon heading south past the work site, the second picture is an 'end of the day' shot of the completed task.  
Work continued on the Sunday taking out dips in the track at various locations in the vicinity of Hafod y Llyn crossing (LC 50.79), which entailed jacking and packing the track in-between the service trains. It was a somewhat damp day with constant rain throughout the day, resulting in a very wet gang of volunteers by the end of the day. Report and pictures by Dafydd Thomas/Steve Broomfield

Black Hand Gang packing at Hafod y Llyn - Steve BroomfieldHafod y Llyn after packing by Black Hand Gang - Steve Broomfield

26th July 2011
Rest of the World Gang has been working at Cemetery Crossing, Beddgelert. Earlier in the working week ballast retaining walls were completed (filling in some gaps).
The curves through the woods have had cant corrected. On Tuesday the ballast around sleepers was being Kango-packed.
Garrats 87 and 138 + 143 (doubling-heading) passed us. The afternoon concluded with a track walk through the pass.  Report and picture by Simon Melhuish
138+143 pass Rest of the World Gang - Simon Melhuish

18-20 September 2011
During the working week the Rest of the World Gang installed timber to take a point lever at Hafod-y-Llyn loop (south) and corrected cant at Beddgelert (down platform line). Picture by Simon Melhuish

Installing point timbers at Hafod y Llyn - Simon Melhuish

27th September 2011
Today, the Tuesday Gang South (aka Steve Broomfield), primed (where necessary) and top-coated (in white) the four window frames at Nantmor Station. In-between the two coats, some white gloss was also applied to the Speed Restriction signs, either side of the road crossing, which were noted to be looking a bit 'tired' and in need of attention.  Unfortunately, they ran out of time to do the running-in sign, which needs a bit of refurbishment (lower frame especially), as previously identified.  Dafydd Thomas adds that the running-in boards can be tackled over the winter when it might be easier to take them down and deal with them under cover as others will need attention as well.   Pictures by Steve Broomfield
Nantmor painting - Steve BroomfieldNantmor painting - Steve BroomfieldNantmor painting - Steve Broomfield
23 October 2011
The North Wales/ Black Hand Gang were at  Hafod y Llyn, replacing the point lever at the Caernarfon end of the loop and repositioning sleepers under the point of contact of the lever mechanism. Picture by Steve Broomfield
Point lever at Hafod y Llyn - Steve Broomfield
29th November 2011
The Tuesday Gang was working on fencing maintenance beginning at Nantmor road bridge down as far as the NT farm.
About 20 additional posts were knocked in between 51.22 and 51.40 where the fencing was not up to the Welsh Black cattle in the field.
Several holes were patched and additional fencing was built to the side of Nantmor Road Bridge. This work is ongoing along with fencing repairs between the "Teletubbie bridges", as they have become known.

6th December 2011
Tuesday Gang continued with fence maintenance. Taking a works train they made their first stop at the foot of Nantmor Incline and attempted to make the sides of LC 50.27 sheep proof. They then proceeded to Portreuddyn to the "Teletubbie Bridges" where the right hand fence was suffering the attentions of Welsh Black Cattle. As usual when faced with this problem they added sturdier posts in between each pair of existing posts put in by the contractor in 2007. Fifty eight new posts were added in all.

13th December 2011
Tuesday Gang applied the first coat of black paint to the legs of the Nantmor Halt running-in board.  The notice board has been revarnished and refitted together with the leaflet holders.Pictures by Steve Broomfield

Nantmor running-in board legs repainted - Steve BroomfieldNantmor noticeboard revarnished - Steve Broomfield
 3rd January 2012
Tuesday Gang were at work at Pont Ynysferlas.
During routine inspections it had been noticed that, if the water level of the Afon Nanmor dropped during dry spells, then there was no barrier to sheep walking along the river bank and up onto the line. So on 3rd Jan the Tuesday gang installed a wing fence between the end of the river bridge and the boundary fence below.  Later they moved to Hafod y Llyn to inspect a damaged fence. They identified that stronger posts were required and that they would have to be set in concrete with the holes dug out through the compacted slate waste using a Kango fitted with a chisel bit. This job will commence next week. 
Report and two pictures by Tony Baker showing work in progress and the finished fence. 
.   Fencing at Pont Ynysferlas - Tony BakerFencing at Pont Ynysferlas - Tony Baker

Video of Tuesday Gang at Afon Nanmor by Andy Keene:

10th January 2012
Tuesday Gang were at Hafod y Llyn strengthening the fencing due to the arrival on the scene of Welsh Black cattle. They needed a Kango to dig the fence post holes in the compacted slate waste. They put in 15 new stout posts with concrete and dug out and concreted in 7 existing posts which had only stayed put because they were stapled to the fence wire. One of the bullocks came to have a look and sank up to its hocks in the mud.  Report and pictures by Tony Baker
Fencing at Hafod y Llyn - Tony BakerFencing at Hafod y Llyn - Tony BakerFencing at Hafod Llyn - Tony Baker

14/15 January 2012
Over the weekend of 14 & 15 January the North Wales - Black Hand Gang carried out track maintenance work at Gwl y Dwrgi. This involved the installation of staggered rail joints on the curve at Gwl y Dwrgi. A couple of rail joints at this location have been problematic for some time causing a temporary speed restriction to be in force.  Over the two very sunny but cold days of the weekend the task was more or less completed.
On Saturday the furthest inside length of rail at the Caernarfon end of the section being worked on was unclipped and cut in half. One half was then moved to the furthest or Blaenau end of the section. Gwl y Dwrgi foot crossing was then lifted to facilitate moving the rails. All the inside rails were freed then moved up the half rail length; joint gaps were adjusted and the other half rail cut to fit as a closure rail. All the rails were then clipped down.
On Sunday, the first job was the reinstatement of the foot crossing. This was followed by the necessary but tiresome job of repositioniong sleepers and the installation of an additional sleeper per half length of rail close to each new rail joint to give the necessary support for the rail. The hardest part of this operation is getting the very well packed sleepers to move; it involves a lot of digging out ballast, pushing with bars and presuading with sledge hammers. By the end of the day there remained only the sleepers around one new rail joint to be repositioned. Once this is completed the railway's Permanent Way staff can move in and do their bit with the tamper thus hopefully allowing the temporary speed restriction to be removed.

The pictures by Steve Broomfield and David Firth show the rail halved and one half removed to the 'other end', slewing the track, the completed formation and re-aligned with extra sleepers added at the new rail joint positions
A rail has been halved - Steve BroomfieldThe half rail removed - David FirthSlewing the track - David FirthFormation complete again - Steve BroomfieldExtra sleepers added by the rail joint - Steve Broomfield

21/22 January 2012
Rest of the World Gang were re-gapping the left-hand rail from Gwl y Dwrgi up the Nantmor incline, and onwards to Nantmor crossing on both rails. Pictures by Simon Melhuish
Cutting the rail - Simon MelhuishDrilling the rail end - Simon MelhuishNewly drilled rail end - Simon MelhuishRepositioning the rail - Simon Melhuish

25/26 February 2012
The  North Wales / Black Hand Gang's working party over the weekend of 25/26 February was engaged in levelling the track at Pont Croesor station ready for it to be tamped. With a small turnout they achieved the task for the whole of the loop line (up platform), ballast having been dropped in advance to aid the job.

20th March 2012
The booking office at Pont Croesor has been removed to Blaenau Ffestiniog. The move was recorded on video by John Wooden

16th April 2012
On April 14/15 the  Rest of the World Gang were at Hafod-y-Llyn working to correct dips on the main line either side of the points at the Caernarfon end of the loop. They were passed by 143 and 87, and on Saturday also by Merddin Emrys with Earl of Merioneth hauling "The Snowdonian" special. Report and pictures by Simon Melhuish
Track work at Hafod y llyn Trackwork at Hafod y LlynTrack work at Hafod y Llyn

24th April 2012
The Tuesday Gang joined with their coalition partners in the Tuesday Gang South to install a fence and level the ground at Pont Croesor where the station building used to stand. The toilet block has stayed there and is now used by the Osprey project. This meant that folk heading toward the WC were faced with a hazardous unfenced drop down to the car park. The first job was to spread a lorry load of ash from Dinas onto the ground to eliminate the slope. Then 6 fence holes were dug across the gap with the aid of a kango and six posts inserted. The horizontal corral rails were attached and finally the concrete was poured into the holes. Next week when all is set strong the posts will be trimmed.
Fencing at Pont Croesor - Tony Baker

1st May 2012
The Tuesday Gang South completed the following tasks at Pont Croesor...
 1)  63 new trees were planted, mainly along the car park's Western boundary fence.
 2)  An anti-trespass sign was fitted to the new fence at the North end of the down platform.
 3) The posts supporting the fencing installed the previous week (where the booking office formerly stood) were trimmed in height.
Pictures by Steve Broomfield
New fence at Pont Croesor - Steve BroomfieldNew fence at Pont Croesor - Steve Broomfield

22nd May 2012
The following activities were completed by the Tuesday Gang South at Pont Croesor:
!) The 'new' gate and closure fencing were installed, at the top of the ramp between the toilet block and the recently installed fence.
 2) The 'Pont Croesor' sign, formerly on the ticket office/shop, was attached to the fence.
Report and pictures by Steve Broomfield
Installation of gate at Pont Croesor - Steve BroomfieldStation Sign at Pont Croesor - Steve Brooomfield

17th June 2012
The Micro-ETS electric staff system has now been installed between Beddgelert and  Pont Croesor. It combines the conventional token machines which were purchased from Ireland with modern microelectronic controls.  The system will replace the current staff and ticket operation,  and will allow enhanced flexibiilty in train operations. Testing is being undertaken prior to the system going live in the near future.   Assuming that the present trial is successful, it is anticipated that the system will be extended to other WHR token sections in the course of time.
MicroETS token machine - David TidyMicroETS token machine - David TidyMicro ETS control box - David Tidy

18th June 2012
The Micro-ETS installation started a formal three months trial today. The staff and ticket system remains in force as previously, with the staff or ticket carried by the loco crew as their authority to proceed. In addition, for the purposes of the trial, the guard will operate the token machines and carry a dummy token between stations to test the reliability of the system.

For a full account of the system,  see separate article

19th June 2012
 The following were accomplished by the Tuesday Gang South this week:-
1) Frame of station name board at Pont Croesor repainted in black 
2) Notice board at entrance to Pont Croesor station site re-positioned

3) Speed Restriction signs repainted at Ynysfor (N) and Afon Dylif (S)
4) Fencing repaired South of Pont Croesor station (ca. 56.16)
5) Beddgelert - South platform shelter door sanded and first coat of paint applied.

Pont Croesor notice board repainted - Steve BroomfieldPont Croesor noticeboard repositioned - Steve BroomfieldPont Creosor sign repainted - Steve Broomfield

14/21 August 2012
On Tuesday 14th Aug Tuesday Gang bagged up lime pellets to be used for future line side management and on 21st Aug they were at Pont Croesor dealing with a dip in the track at the southern end of the station. Sighting boards were used and the rectification necessitated  the lifting of the level crossing grids and also the crossing timbers themselves.

Removing dip at Pont Croesor - Tony BakerRemoving dip at Pont Croesor - Tony Baker Removing dip at Pont Croesor - Tony Baker 
28th August 2012
On Tuesday 28th August the Tuesday Gang South continued with the work started last week to eliminate dips in the track at the southern end of the station at Pont Croesor. Two more dips were dealt with and a dropped joint was sorted south of the Blaenau end points. The method used was to identify position of dip using sighting boards, jack up the track, and kango the sleepers.
Removing a dip - Tony Baker

3rd/4th November 2012
North Wales/Black Hand Gang.   On the Saturday they completed packing the sleeper voids in the Down loop at Beddgelert station.  On the Sunday they carried out a Hallade survey of the curve immediately south of Bryn y Felin bridge to Corlan. The information from the survey was fed back to the Ff&WHR Infrastructure Dept to work out a better alignment for the curve.  Following the survey they cut back vegetation and overhanging tree branches north of Bryn y Felin road bridge up to a point just beyond the rear of Bryn y Felin house.

13th November 2012
Tuesday Gang South nailed the final piece of timber to the repaired LC 52.89 and then, starting at UB 51.98 Pont Ynysferlas, took apart all fishplates, greased them and reassembled them up to LC 52.40 Hafod Garegog. A total of 22 pairs of fishplates were dealt with. This work is done as a follow up to tamping.

20th November 2012
Yesterday, Tuesday Gang South evaluated the task of fitting guttering to the rear of the station buildings at Waunfawr(2), Snowdon Ranger, Rhyd Ddu, Meillionen, Beddgelert and Nantmor.
We then went to location 45.43, between Tyn y Coed and Bron Hebog, to remove a small tree which was resting on the LH fence.
 Finally, we went to location 51.80, near Hafod y Llyn Isaf, to replace a damaged (rotten) fence post, of the 'straining' variety.
Report and pictures by Steve Broomfield 
Broken fence post - Steve BroomfieldReplacement fence post - Steve Broomfield
17th February 2013
The Rest of the World Gang replaced the Caernarfon end point at Hafod y Llyn. The point removed is being recycled in the yard at Harbour station. Pictures by Simon Melhuish
Replacing point at Hafod y Llyn - Simon MelhuishReplacing point at Hafod y Llyn - Simon Melhuish
16/23 March 2013
The Rest of the World Gang report that the March working week ran from Saturday 16/3/13. For the first few days we were charged with realigning the perennially troublesome curve at Bryn-y-Felin. Fred Howes had re-measured the curve and calculated a better alignment. He then supervised us putting his plan into action. Either end of the curve is on timber sleepers and slewing with bars was comparatively easy. However, the majority of the curve is on steel sleepers, for which bars are useless and instead we used slewing jacks. This is the tightest radius curve on the railway. When we started it was just 38m, with poor alignment and very irregular cant, such that the vertical rubber connectors on the carriage vestibule ends were being caused to turn in, with the result that train staff could not get the tea trolley through!  At the end of the job we had only managed to increase the radius to 42m, but the curve is now a curve, (rather than the squiggle it had been when we started), and appropriate and uniform cant has been restored. A ballast wall was also constructed on the outside centre of the curve, which should keep the ballast where it is wanted, rather than cascading down the embankment as it had been. As the curve is too tight for the KMX tamper to work on, the realigned track had to be tamped using Kango-hammers and that is an awful lot of hard work; we are grateful to have been helped in this task by the FR P-way team. Hopefully our work will last for at least a season, but ultimately the whole formation moved out a bit in order that it can be relaid at a gentler radius. Pictures by Simon Melhuish
Slewing the curve at Brynyfelin - Simon MelhuishNew ballast wall at Brynyfelin - Simon Melhuish
The remainder of the Gang's working week was spent at Beddgelert station. A long overdue ballast wall was built by the water tower, the siding was realigned to remove an awful wiggle as it comes off the point and a ballast wall constructed to preserve this alignment. Additionally, the half-stagger on the curve on the up loop had a kinked joint at one end, due to the half rail having been put in the curve rather than in the preceding straight. This was corrected by swapping adjacent rails around. There were a number of closed joints here as well and a certain amount of re-gapping was chased into this section. A number of voids (lack of ballast under sleepers) were identified within the station and these were made good by kangoing.

18th June 2013
Rest of the World Gang Long Weekend 7-10th June 2013 - report from Phil Nock:-
Over the four days of the June ROWG long-weekend, a modest but productive working party was kept busy with various line-side maintenance tasks, not the least being checking and clearing sight-lines at the majority of crossings on Phase 4. Additionally, they erected an up distance board at Pont Britannia, and variously repaired or strengthened fencing at or near Pitts Head Bridge, Pont Afon Cwm Du, Pont McAlpine, the Nantmor ski-jump and Ynys For.
Weed killing train at Pont Croesor - Phil Nock
The Monday work at Ynys For was briefly interrupted by the weed-killing train passing by, en-route to Minffordd Yard, having just sprayed the track and cess between Rhyd Ddu and Nantmor Crossing with a non-selective herbicide, on the ridiculously early o'clock shift. The previous week Caernarfon to Rhyd Ddu had been treated; Nantmor to Blaenau Ffestiniog is in the diary.

1st October 2013
The Tuesday Gang spent the 1st Oct at Tunnel 4 in the Aberglaslyn pass. They report:
Previously we had installed a wooden post at either end of the tunnel and roughly laid out a telephone cable from these posts to the station building at Nantmor. Todays visit was to install this cable in a proper manner. Inside the tunnel itself the cable was buried adjacent to the refuges to prevent a trip hazard. Between the tunnel and the station building it was either fixed to the lineside fence or where there was no fence ground anchors were used to fix it down.
Pictures show the 10:50 ex Porthmadog, the 10:00 ex Caernarfon, the smoke coming out of the tunnel 10 minutes after the train, and the fitting of one of the ground anchors. Only by joining a working party can pictures of trains be taken in this location. Why not join us for a day. See the Contacts page for information. 
Pictures by Tony Baker and David Firth
Tuesday Gang at Tunnel 4 - Tony BakerTuesday Gang at Tunnel 4 - Tony Baker Tuesday Gang at Tunnel 4 - Tony BakerTuesday Gang at Tunnel 4 - Tony BakerBurying the cable - David Firth
21st January 2014
The Network Rail apprentices have been working on the alignment at Bryn y Felin
Improving the alignment at BrynyFelin - Andrew Thomas Improving the alignment at BrynyFelin - Andrew Thomas Improving the alignment at BrynyFelin - Andrew Thomas

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