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Photo: Ben Fisher 

Construction of Meillionen Halt waiting shelter

The Project:

Provision of two waiting shelters,  including a disabled toilet for passengers, together with a small operations office for train crew and a booking office for ticket sales when the station is manned.

Waun Fawr station

Waun Fawr station opened in 2001 with no facilities beyond the bare platform and a footbridge. Happily its appearance has been enhanced over the years by the dedicated efforts of the gardening team in providing the colourful flower beds. However it has offered no shelter for passengers or for train crews exchanging tokens.

With the extension of the railway to Beddgelert and beyond, the station has become a popular starting point for passengers who want a shorter journey than the full round trip, so it is becoming increasingly busy. The Company had been conscious of the deficiency but its resources had been fully committed to completing the line into Porthmadog. In line with its policy of providing improved facilities for passengers, the Society took this project on board with the help of generous donations from members.  It arranging for waiting shelters to be erected at Waunfawr, similar in style to those at other stations like Rhyd Ddu or Nantmor. In the long term a more permanent structure is envisaged, but
in the interim these shelters will fulfil a much-needed role.


Work commenced on the buildings over the weekend of 13-15 August 2010. Dafydd Thomas report below gives some idea of the sort of work the society members were involved in:

Waun Fawr shelter groundworks - Steve BroomfieldOver the weekend, including Friday 13th, the North Wales Black Hand Gang were engaged in preparatory work for the new on platform waiting shelters at Waunfawr. First task on Friday was to clear a way into the yard at Waunfawr; it is surprising how much vegetation can grow in less than 12 months. We then had to locate the end of a foul drain pipe under the platform; the tarmac covering was particularly tough and would have done the M1 proud.

Saturday saw a continuation ofWaun Fawr shelter groundwrorks - Steve Broomfield digging out the trench for the foul drain as well as digging out holes and concreting in support straps for the shelter bases. The bases here will be similar to Beddgelert and not on brick as at the permanently located shelters at Snowdon Ranger, Meillionen  and Nantmor.

Sunday, at long last saw completion of the foul drain, which is necessary for the toilet which will be part of the down side shelter. A start was also made on the wooden base framework for the shelters as well as a start on digging out trenches for service ducts for electricity, water and communications.

Erecting the shelter - Steve Broomfield
Further work was carried out over the weekend 27-29 August and again Dafydd Thomas's report highlights the activities:

A slightly longer weekend - Friday to Sunday, 27 - 29 August, saw the North Wales /Black Hand Gang in action at Waunfawr station continuing with the installation of the shelter on the platform. Over the weekend the base and floor for the first shelter was completed, the sides, internal partition and the gable ends erected as well as the roof spars installed.
A trench and pipe for a water supply for this shelter, which will incorporate a disabled person's toilet, was installed. A pit was dug in the Up platform to access an electricity supply duct and to provide a route for a communications duct. The pit will become a draw pit manhole when completed.
Erecting the shelters- Steve Broomfield The second shelter will contain an Operating Dept office which will double up as a booking office when required (as at Rhyd Ddu).

On Friday 3rd September Roy Tasker was able to do some more work on the roof yesterday, Friday, 3rd September thanks to help from two of the 'Rest of the World Gang.

The Society volunteers continued to work on the station buildings throughout the year with the buildings creeping closer towards completion, as can be seen in David Tidy's picture below.

Waunfawr station building complete, but yet to be treated. (Photo: David Tidy)

The buildings are now complete having had their timber treated and are an integral part of the operation of Waunfawr station.

Cymdeithas Rheilffordd Eryri is a Registered Charity, №1094938

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