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2012 Site Changes

  • 14th December 2012 - Announcement of post Christmas working party

  • 20th November 2012 - Update to the NG15 website following the November working party.

  • 8th November 2012 - Announcement of annual Christmas gathering for volunteers at Dinas

  • 25th October 2012 - The K1 group have unfortunately had to cancel the November working party. The next three working parties are now in 2013 and details are on the K1 Working Party page.

  • 23rd October 2012 - Notification of a delay to the distribution of TSR №78. Please see the Announcements page for more details.
    Also an update to the NG15 website following the October 2012 working party weekend.
    Please note the older Changelog entries are now split off from this main page but are still available through the links at the bottom of this page.

  • 8th October 2012 - A reminder and a plea for help for the forth coming Joint Landscaping Group's working party on the 12 the 15th October. The response from members so far has been very poor so please please are there some other members who could help. Remember this is very much the 'public face' of the railway and whilst this is the end of the season all the groundwork done now will pay dividends next year.

  • 2nd October 2012 - K1 working party dates for the remainder of 2012 and into 2013 are announced with the aim of getting the Loco into steam in April 2013. Please see the Working Parties page.

  • 5th September 2012 - An update to the Joint Landscaping Group's Reports page with the full TSR report with some photos together with the next JLG working party dates. A plea for help at the AGM/Quarrypower weekend and an update to the NG15 working party reports.

  • 31st August 2012 - East Anglian Group Contacts, Programme and Activities updated.

  • 14th August 2012 - K1 July working party report added.

  • 29th July 2012 - Added Issue 77 to the TSR 61-80 English and TSR 61-80 Welsh pages.

  • 28th July 2012 -  Most members will be familiar with Steve Harris's Welsh Highland Railway maps and plans on his 'fiftyone' website. Steve has decided not to maintain this website and so rather than loosing access to the maps he has donated that section of his site to the Society for their future care. These pages have therefore been incorporated into the English language half of this site and so you'll find them linked to from the menu bar above. The structure of the site is much as before, however it all now lives within a main website window. I'd like to thank Steve on behalf of the Society for allowing the continued access to such a useful facility.
    If our Welsh speaking members feel that this is a useful resource that should  also live in the Welsh language half please let us know and we'll schedule in its translation.

  • 25th July 2012 - There's an update to the working party reports for Society sponsored NG15 Loco restoration.  (link to NG15 site).

  • 14th July 2012 - Brought the (rather embarrassingly out of date) TSR pages up to date, including forthcoming Press Dates.

  • 3rd July 2012 - Brought the 'Railway' page up to date with all trains now traversing the whole line. (Link in menu bar above) 

  • 2nd July 2012 - Updated details for the Joint Landscaping Groups Summer Trim working party on July 6th - 9th. They are still in need of another volunteer for the Friday and for the Saturday morning so please get in touch if you can help - details on the linked page.

  • 23rd June 2012 - Notice of Annual General Meeting 2012 added.  Timing of the clearance train amended to 16.30

  • 17th June 2012 - A reminder of, and the 'program of work' for, the Joint Landscaping Groups Summer Trim working party on July 6th - 9th.

  • 13th June 2012 - Post dated entry for an NG15 progress update on the NG15 Restoration Project Project's website. This covers the June working party.

  • 11th June 2012 - K1 July working part date announced - 28th -29th July - more details about taking part on the K1 Working Party page.

  • 6th June 2012 - Updated Officers listing

  • 30th May 2012 - Last of the Joint Landscaping Group working party reports updates (see 14th May entry below). Hopefully we won't fall behing on these again. 

  • 28th May 2012 - A call for volunteers: Details of a Crearance Train being run each Wednesday from the 6th June onwards on the News page. 

  • 21st May 2012 - An NG15 progress update on the NG15 Restoration Project Project's website following the May working party.

  • 14th May 2012 - Bringing the Joint Landscaping Group reports page up to date. These had not been updated due to emails going adrift.Now the problem is identifeid and sorted the next few weeks will see the section brought completely up to date. Added an Archive page for earlier reports.

  • 26th April 2012 - K1 April working party report and additions about Rail Ale (more sponsors, live acts & summary of beers and ciders) on the Latest News page 

  • 16th April 2012 - Appeal for a team to restore the South African Brake Van. List of sponsors for RailAle/Cwrw ar y Cledrau 2012 added

  • 12th April 2012 - Full details of Cwrw ar y Cledrau/RailAle 2012 added.  Updated East Anglian Group and West Midlands Group pages

  • 28th March 2012 - March working party report addad. See K1 Working Party Reports page. 

  • 19th March 2012 - Added an appeal for help from the General Manager

  • 16th March 2012 - Amended date for the next K1 Working Party - The K1 group are keen to attract new volunteers and after a mumber of requests the group have still drawn a blank. If you can help please get in touch with John Startin. Also if you are new to volunteering it does not matter, all hands are welcome. This is a historic locomotive in the care of the society so please help to keep it running.

  • 5th March 2012 - Amended date of Wessex Group meeting

  • 4th March 2012 - More details about the Joint Landscaping Group's Spring Makeover Weekend in the Working Party Dates page

  • 23rd February 2012 - Updated list of Officers

  • 22nd February 2012 - K1 Group - Rearranged working party date to March 18th/19th. The K1 group are looking for volunteers on their next working party weekend of March 17/18th.  Could any potential volunteers please contact John Startin. Also added the request for volunteers onto the News page

  • 18th February 2012 - updated the Groups page

  • 13th February 2012 - Added details of the Rail Ale Festival/Cwrw ar y Cledrau 2012  and of summer trips organised by the North Wales Group

  • 10th February 2012 - Updated East Anglian Group page.  Added a notice from the Company about Near Miss Reporting

  • 26th January 2012 - K1 - January working party added together with newsletter update

  • 2nd January 2012 - Added programme for North Wales Group

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