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Old Archived Announcements

Volunteer accommodation at Dinas.

14th February 2017:

The Society’s board has today moved a step closer to providing volunteer accommodation at Dinas as we (the Society) have become as from today the owners of Station View, Dinas. This property is the bungalow at the entrance to Dinas station, formerly the home of the late Mrs Peggy McGinn.

Our intention is to initially let the property so that we can have time to get all the arrangements in place to allow volunteers to use the property when volunteering on the railway as well as earning some income whilst we do this.  The plan is to have it available as volunteer accommodation sometime next year.

The purchase of property has enabled us to achieve one of the prime objectives in our business plan.

Hopefully we can provide more information in the next issue of The Snowdon Ranger magazine.

Important notice:

Society volunteers are now urgently needed to help at Dinas with setting up for Superpower on Thursday 10th September and then as stewards for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Dinas.

Superpower Weekend 11-13 September 2015.

From David Firth:

Important notice:

Society volunteers are now urgently needed to help at Dinas with setting up for Superpower on Thursday 10th September and then as stewards for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Dinas. Contact details below. Please get in touch asap by emailing me at dfirth@ffwhr.com or by Phone at 01766 890367.

David Firth


Barrie Clark

As you are aware Barrie had wanted only family members at his funeral, which has now taken place.

Barrie also did not want flowers at his funeral but if anyone wanted to contribute to a good cause any monies collected were to go to the WHR.

A number of Society members have indicated that they would like to donate in memory of Barrie.

 Sylvia Clark (Barrie's widow) has agreed that in order to facilitate this the Society will collect any contributions, so if you wish to contribute please send donations to Ian King (the Society Treasurer) at:

Kalina, Brook Road, Great Tey, Colchester. CO6 1JG.

If you would prefer you can give your contribution to any Society board member.

Please make cheques payable to Cymdeithas Rheilffordd Eryri and indicate either on the envelope or on a separate note that it is for the Barrie Clark memorial but please not on the cheque itself.

As regards a memorial it has initially been agreed with Sylvia that this would take the form of one of the railway's standard triangular slate memorial plaques that would be put up in the new Memorial Garden at Rhyd Ddu.

As a further suggestion it would be a nice gesture as well as contributing to the WHR, as Barrie wished, if we can get the fund up to a sufficient amount, to place a bench with a plaque in memory of Barrie on it at Waunfawr, placed with a view over to where Barrie used to live.

Yet another call for help - Beer Festival May  16-18

From Tym Crowther.
Volunteers are urgently needed to assist with the Beer Festival at Dinas on May 16th-18th. We need people to help set up on the Thursday, and to help dismantle on the following Monday.  

Also, would anyone who could assist with general running, working behind the bar or on the door, or just helping out around the event on the Friday and Saturday, please report to the site manager on the day. It will be greatly appreciated.

Another call for help - Sawing firewood for locos

Your railway urgently needs a volunteer (starting immediately) for 1 day per week  to saw up at least a weeks worth of fire lighting wood per visit to Dinas
Any day of your choosing (Monday to Friday) start at 9: 00 finish when theres at least a weeks worth but no latter than 16:00
if you prefer to do 2 half days then thats also fine.
Please remember NO FIRE = NO STEAM = NO SERVICE TRAIN !! its that vital

Contact Alf Williams or Tony Williams at Dinas

A call for help - May 2-5 2014

Help needed this Weekend 2nd – 5th May - from David Firth

This weekend the Society will have our Display stand at Porthmadog for the “Our Railway Adventure Event” we will have Instant Membership Packs for sale and the ability to take credit cards so this will be a new opportunity to sell membership of the Society and hopefully increase our numbers, and therefore income!

Would anybody who can help with the erection of the marquees and the Society stand on Friday morning, and or stewarding of the stand over the weekend please contact me as soon as possible. I would be very grateful for even a short time stewarding the Stand; there will be a lot to see with trains going in and out of the new Harbour station frequently.
The newly rebuilt loco on loan for running in from statfold barn will be named "Fiji" and our own K1 will be running up and down on the Heritage railway at Tremadog Road

If you can help please email me on dfirth@ffwhr.com or phone on 01766 890367 as soon as possible.

AGM 2013

The 18th AGM of the Society was held at 1915 hrs on Saturday 7th September 2013 at the Celtic Royal Hotel,  Bangor Streeet, Caernarfon, LL55 1AY.

Election of Directors
Charles McKenzie and Alun Tomlinson were re-elected to serve as directors.
Vice President
Cedric Lodge was appointed as a Vice President of the society in recognition of his significant efforts and contribution to the Welsh Highland Railway Project.
Token of Appreciation
The Token of Appreciation for the year was presented to Roy Woods for his work as editor of the society's magazine, The Snowdon Ranger.
Alastair Wilkinson

Prince & Princess to visit London

For the first time in 150 years these two locomotives, built by George England at Hatcham Iron works in Pomeroy Street, New Cross SE14, will be visiting London as part of their 150th birthday celebrations and at the same time the 150th birthday celebration of London Underground. 

Late in February in the dead of night Princess will be delivered to Paddington Station, set down on the concourse and covered up.
On Friday 1st March (St David's Day) she will be unveiled and on display for six weeks. This is where the FR Company has asked the London Area Group members to help. There will be twelve special days during her stay when help is needed to give out a special leaflet and to answer questions. On these  days we are looking for four volunteer stewards to work from 09.00 to 17.00.  An FR Company manager will be on duty to guide the volunteer stewards who will be loaned fleeces with the FR Company Logo & Steam 150 logo. 

On all the other days the FR Co has asked the London Area Group to organise a rota of volunteers to call in at Paddington the check that Princess is clean and tidy,  if necessary to give the brass a clean, and wipe off any finger marks and dust. She needs to look her best, sparkling every day.

Special Days and Themes
1st, 2nd & 3rd March  The Great Western Railway.
On Friday evening, 1st March 7-9pm, Paddington Band will perform a St Davids Day Concert with a Welsh Theme on Platform 9.
9th & 10th     Visit Wales Festival. www.visitwales.co.uk
12th to 15th  Cheltenham Festival days. www.cheltenham.co.uk/festival
16th & 17th   Promotion of the Railway Children Charity www.railwaychildren.org.uk
23rd & 24th   Promotion of open days at London Transport Museum Depot at Acton 
30th & 31st   Promotion of open days at London Transport Museum Depot at Acton


Over the weekend 12-14th April Prince will be in steam, running on a section of temporary track at the London Transport Museum Depot at Acton. In the early hours of Sunday 14th April Princess will be removed from Paddington and be taken west to Acton to join Prince for the day.

Friday will be a press day from 09.00 to 15.00, then Saturday and Sunday the museum will be open 09.00 to 17.00.
The FR Company will have a manager on duty but this person will require local help in the shape of at least four volunteer stewards, possibly more.  Most volunteers should go by underground to Acton Town Station  and walk down the access road opposite. See www.ltmuseum.co.uk/acton

To offer your help contact:- Martin Cook who will set up the various rosters
Phone ;- 01732 452706  or E-Mail:- Martinelizabeth.cook@btinternet.com
or write 8 Pinewood Ave, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 5AF   

The Snowdon Ranger №78

Will members please note and be aware that TSR issue number78 will be delayed by a couple of weeks.

Roy Woods has unfortunately brought back some unwelcome bugs following a trip to Romania and has therefore been struggling to get the issue out on time. It's likely to be up to two weeks late so could members please refrain from contacting Rob Merrick until after that delay has been allowed for.


A call for Help - AGM/Quarrypower weekend 2012

Dafydd Thomas Comments:

Tym Crowther tells me that some of you have been a little shy in contacting him to offer your services for helping over the Quarrypower weekend.
There are those of you who have told me or fully intend to come but not told anyone; I forget and Tym is not clairvoyant so please we need to know if you are coming - contact Tym NOW please - andy@tymcrowther.eclipse.co.uk

We need volunteers on Thursday, 13th to help put up marquees.
Friday, 14th to carry out various tasks at Dinas
Saturday, 15th Dinas in the morning (some early if possible and afternoon at Beddgelert.
Sunday, 16th Dinas, Beddgelert & Pont Croesor.
Monday, 17th to pack it all away.

So please contact Tym, even if you can do only a morning or afternoon it all helps.

Annual General Meeting 2012

The Society's Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, 15th September at 19:15 at Galeri, Doc Victoria, Caernarfon.
The agenda, minutes of the previous meeting, the director's report and the annual accounts were sent out to all members who were paid up at the time with the copy of The Snowdon Ranger, issue No. 76. Any member who has subsequently joined and not received a copy of these documents should contact the Company Secretary at the registered office:

24 Coedmadog, Talysarn, Caernarfon. LL54 6HR.
email: alwilkinson5324@btinternet.com Tel: 07799 412953.

Two directors stand down by rotation, this year it is David Firth and Neil McMaster; both offer themselves for re-election. Nominations for any other candidate for election to the board must be received at the registered office (stated above) by 15th August 2012 but not before 15th July. Nomination forms can be obtained from the Secretary (contact details above). A candidate may submit a statement of not more than 250 words in support of their nomination to be distributed to he members.'

From the General Manager

If you are old enough, you will remember when we needed an excavator to speed up work on the Deviation and many of us collected Green Shield stamps to buy one. Some may also recall when we collected waste sump-oil from garages across the country, which helped reduce our locomotive fuel bill, until legislation prevented us carrying on with the practice. At other times we have collected and sold newspapers for recycling so as to raise cash, and Society area groups have beavered away for many years raising money from sales stands at traction engine rallies, and similar events. More recently, the incredible volunteer-led track-laying effort on the WHR is another fine example of what we can achieve when we work as a team. Teamwork has often meant we have succeeded against the odds when confronting a major challenge. The combined effort of many people, each doing their bit, has created amazing results. 

This year we will face another stiff challenge as we strive to keep our publicity machine working at peak performance following the Railways’ best-ever performance in 2011. Nevertheless, with your help, I’m sure we will be able to meet the challenge of ensuring they remain in the public eye, and attract large numbers of passengers. I know we often make appeals for help from Society members, and that sometimes those appeals are quite general. However, this year, we have a very specific request for the sort of help that almost anyone can provide, as long as they live in the UK.

Last year, frustrated at not always getting the coverage for our Railways that we hoped for in ‘lifestyle’ magazines, we decided to produce our own. It was called TLC (an abbreviation for the Top Left Corner of Wales, as featured in the Ivor the Engine series…) and this first edition celebrated the completion of the WHR. It was distributed far and wide, creating much favourable publicity along the way. We have now produced a second edition which showcases both Railways, with some wonderful eye-catching photographs, aimed at our mainstream customers. What we need from you is help in distributing copies of TLC2…

Ideally we would like copies to be placed in doctors’ and dentists’ waiting rooms, hairdressers’ salons, the waiting rooms at tyre-fitting centres, and in coffee shops and hotel reception areas across the country. By making them available in these places, we can ensure they will be read by many people, and we can get a lot more impact for the money we spend on marketing our Railways. We did a test distribution run last year and, provided you are careful to ask permission, we are not aware of any of the type of places we have listed objecting to us leaving a copy or two.

In just a few hours on a Saturday morning, it is possible for one person to distribute TLC2 to twenty or thirty locations – and within a couple of weeks several hundred people will have seen it. Being a high-quality publication, TLC2 really makes an impact and even in a world full of electronic communications, we find that people really do perceive high-quality printed media as having a strong message.

Ideally, we would like you to collect your supplies of TLC2 when visiting the railway. We hope to get them all distributed during May, so if you are volunteering in March or April, or perhaps coming to the AGM and the Blaenau 30 event, you can collect some to take away with you, so as to keep postage costs down. Being such an appealing publication, you may wish to keep one for yourself, and they are available for purchase from our shops. However, we think that if you distribute fifty or so then you have earned yourself a free copy.

Is this something you can help with? If so, please email tlc@festrail.co.uk or call 01766-516000.

Paul Lewin

Near miss Reporting

As part of the process of enhancing safety, the Company is placing great stress on reporting "near misses" on the Railway as well as actual incidents. All volunteers working on the railway are asked to take note of this notice from the Safety Officer

Society Sales Officer

It is with great reluctance that the Board has accepted the decision of Steve Harris to stand down from the position of Society Sales officer. The Board would like to express their gratitude to Steve for the marvellous job he has done. Steve is a good friend to the Society, as besides running the Society Sales for 10 years; he is a member of the Black Hand Gang and a member of the Membership Committee. He has been instrumental in bringing modern computer systems to that committee, for which we are very grateful.
Revised arrangements have been made for Society sales. Most goods will now be available through the Ffestiniog Railway shop at Harbour Station. DVD#s will continue to be available through the shop on the Society's website, and the facility for paying subscriptions and making donations on line will continue.


At the Society AGM on 10th September, the Board’s decision to increase subscription
rates from 11th September 2011 as set out in the article contained in the AGM papers
sent out with TSR 73, was endorsed by a significant majority. The details of the new
rates are set out below. The Board would like to thank members for their support for this
difficult decision.

Adult 35
Family** 55
Junior (under 18 years of age) 15
New: Student 25 (for those aged 18 to 25 in full time further or higher education)
Life Membership 750
Associate Life Membership## 500

**   2 Adults and children under 18 at the same address
##  Partner of Life Member at the same address and sharing Snowdon Ranger

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